Space Magnetics

Quantic ECI has been involved in Space Magnetics dating back to the late 1980’s when we first provided magnetic components used in the Cesium Atomic Clocks for the NAVSTAR Satellite System. Since that time, ECI has been actively supplying magnetic components for numerous space system applications including the cooling & water systems on the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle program and numerous communication, weather, and military satellites. ECI is proud to be part of the Orion Program where we are providing many critical components that will be essential to accomplish the mission of sending and returning a crew safely into deep space.  From fully qualified MIL-STD-981 devices constructed by our J-STD-001FS certified operators, to commercial space applications, Quantic ECI is ready for your application. 

Our custom magnetic components are used to accomplish tough jobs in extreme environments, including:

  • ARTEMIS-ORION – Orion Spacecraft mission to the moon
  • IRCO2 – Infrared CO2 detector for new spacesuit
  • ISS – International Space Station
  • HALO – Habitat and Logistics Outpost
  • PSP - Parker Solar Probe
  • STP III – Space Test Program 3
  • TASI – Thales Alenia Space Italia
  • SPACEBUS NEO – Telecom Satellite Program
  • WPA & OGA – Water Processor & Oxygen Generation

ECI’s engineering staff stands ready to assist with the creation of a custom device that will survive the rigors of space. Let us help you create a truly innovative design to solve your critical system issue.