RF & Tuned Inductors

RF Inductor applications include impedance matching, resonant / tuned circuits, RFI / EMI suppression, filter chokes, etc.  Wire-wound RF inductor configurations available include radial & axial leaded, toroidal, air-core, SMT, etc.  Wound devices can also be constructed using Semi-rigid or flexible coaxial cable.  Other devices include tuned notch filters and directional couplers.  Typical applications within a variety of fields including data processing, communications, and instrumentation.

 Quantic ECI offers a family of axial leaded RF inductors (RFA1-XXX), precision tuned to an inductance tolerance of +/- 1%. These high "Q" coils are ideal for tuned RF circuits, where very tight inductance tolerances are required. These coils also offer very high self-resonant frequencies as well as excellent temperature stability. ECI's precision RF coils are manufactured to MIL-C-15305 and are available in tape & reel.

RFA1 Series

Precision, tuned, RF inductor