Quantic ECI designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art passive magnetic components for mission-critical power applications that must perform in the harshest environments. Focused on the aerospace and defense markets, Quantic ECI’s customer base extends into a wide array of markets, including industrial, communication, medical and marine. Our engineers are recognized experts and are unrivalled in their command of the esoteric and challenging field of magnetics. We partner with customers to solve tough, unorthodox engineering challenges through expertise, experience and creativity. As a Quantic company, we’re part of an extended engineering ecosystem and powerful supply chain, defining a competitive advantage that extends to every Quantic ECI customer.

  • Virginia Garza joins Quantic ECI

    Virginia Garza joins Quantic ECI

  • Samantha Peters joins Quantic ECI

    Samantha Peters joins Quantic ECI